Optim Seed Round Funding

Optim Labs
2 min readDec 9, 2022

Optim Labs, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform developer, is proud to announce its $3.9MM seed round fundraise. The participation of top venture capital funds is a testament to the quality of the Optim team, vision, and potential of Cardano as a top L1 platform.

A software development company that builds and deploys smart-contract infrastructure in the Cardano ecosystem, Optim Labs primarily focuses on code for yield products and aggregation.

Our seed round funding will enable Optim to develop on Cardano for years to come. Secure, scalable, high-performance DeFi should be built and audited to the highest standards. The ability to adequately compensate top-tier developers, product designers, and security professionals is required to innovate and remain competitive within the crypto ecosystem.

We understand the concerns the Cardano community has with VC participation and hope transparency regarding the reasoning behind and terms of the fundraise will help. The strong crypto market of mid/late 2021 enabled us to raise at a favorable valuation with healthy vesting terms and an experienced contingent of VC partners. We felt compelled to raise and viewed it as an opportunity to invest into Cardano, its community, and the future of a fairer financial system. To this end, Optim Labs raised $3.92MM for 10.88% of tokens. A 27+ month vesting schedule will begin at an indeterminate point in the future if and when a token generation event occurs. Exact details of the vesting schedule will be released prior to any token generation event.

We’re excited and humbled to steward these resources, leveraging our talents and passion for the future of Cardano. As an emerging blockchain ecosystem it is essential that innovation and competitiveness are adequately funded. We look forward to continuing to build and innovate with the Cardano community in pursuit of a fairer, more decentralized financial system. Look out this month for our first of many mainnet releases!

Wave Financial (cFund)| Fenbushi Capital | Fundamental Labs | LongHash

Shima Capital | Double Peak Group | Genblock Capital | Alameda Research