Ardana Partnership Announcement

Optim Finance is proud to announce our partnership with Ardana!

About Ardana

Ardana offers an all-in-one platform that serves as the foundation for stablecoin money markets and swaps that will support the rest of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem. Its main feature is the ability to generate stablecoins against native assets, allowing users to unlock desired liquidity without the need to sell their collateral. Danaswap is at the core of its second feature, an expertly designed stableswap DEX to enable high efficiency swaps between stable asset-sets. It provides the opportunity for liquidity providers to earn trading fees along its native DANA token rewards for providing liquidity to the protocol.

The Partnership

Optim Finance, as the leader in the Cardano yield aggregation/asset management subset of DeFi, will rely on services provided by Ardana in order to ensure capital efficient and optimized revenue streams for its users. By having the utility to collateralize stablecoin loans with native assets, Optim’s users will now have ease of accessibility to high yield and in demand stable assets with which to further extend its yield generation capabilities. Coupled with Danaswap’s highly efficient stable swaps, Optim vaults (asset pools deployed to automated yield strategies) will be able to leverage the Ardana ecosystem for optimal capital allocation through low friction native and stable asset trading on the Cardano network.

Stableswap DEXs have a critical role to play within Optim vault multi-step strategies by powering some of the most important yield opportunities. Ardana will be an intermediary providing the capacity to both generate and swap a variety of stable assets. Stableswap ecosystems also enable lower risk optimized investment opportunities for the users by drastically minimizing impermanent loss. Optim will capitalize on this opportunity by providing native auto-compounding and leverage capabilities for Ardana vaults to maximize its own internal revenue streams.

Additionally, Optim’s liquidity provider strategies within the Ardana protocol will be able to participate in their liquidity mining mechanism by staking their LP tokens in the Ardana Rewards Enhancement Module (AREM). Doing so will yield DANA rewards for Optim’s strategy vaults, which will further serve to unite both of our communities in governance and voting power together. These reward DANA tokens can then be locked in AREM to receive exDANA, which will yield further DANA tokens and governance power. We envision improvement proposal goals and philosophies within both protocols will converge over time in support and solidarity with each other, further strengthening Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem and their growing communities.

Pre-launch, Optim and Ardana will be testing core infrastructure together that will enable seamless integration and interoperability when both protocols go live. Such infrastructure includes Optim’s ‘Inbox NFT for contract to contract interactions as well as ‘programmable escrows’ for executing multi-step strategies.

Optim Finance and Ardana are excited to work together on a number of products and integrations that will enhance mutual success and ecosystem growth as a whole. We look forward to further building Cardano DeFi together and have our communities benefit from the exciting opportunities this partnership will bring forth.

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